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October, 2011

The Community Awareness Fair is this Saturday!

Each year, the Oak Forest-Crestwood Area Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Community Awareness Fair at Oak Forest High school. This highly anticipated event allows area businesses and organizations to get in front of as many as 4,000 of the area residents and talk about special promotions, new deals, and much more. Everyone from the local park district, area banks, retail stores, and restaurants have booths to display new and exciting products and give-aways.

In addition, new to the Fair this year will be a food court featuring some local restaurants so you can grab a bite while perusing what the local business scene has to offer. There’s really something for everyone at the Fair this year.

At this year’s Fair, thorntonpowell will have our own table where we will be giving away bags of candy for kids and also raffling off a free Amazon Kindle. Stop by our booth to learn more about how you can be entered to win! We look forward to seeing some of our local clients stop by to say hello!

The Fair is Saturday, October 8th from 10:00 - 3:00 at Oak Forest High School.



Riddle Answer: Medi-Scare!


Water Backup Coverage - It's Not Flood Insurance


With Autumn finally upon us, the Midwest is entering into one of the rainiest stretches of the year. What does that mean for you? In addition to the end of the baseball season and outdoor barbecues, it could also mean the backup of your sewers and drain lines in your basement. What’s worse than that? Many standard homeowners policies actually exclude this coverage unless you specifically request to add it.

That may surprise you, but the backup of drain lines and sewers is in fact excluded from many of the standard homeowners coverage forms. Not only that, but sump pump failure is also excluded, meaning that just when you need it most (during a heavy storm when the power goes out), your basement could take on water and your insurance policy won’t be able to help you.

That’s where the water backup endorsement comes in. This endorsement will add the coverage for sump failure and water backup back onto your homeowners coverage form, meaning that your newly finished basement with the custom bar and entertainment system will be covered up to the limit that you decide. Many basic endorsements will add $10,000 - $15,000 of coverage, but many homeowners will want to purchase higher limits if they have fully finished basements with new or expensive flooring, furniture, etc.

Note that this is different from flood insurance. We’re not talking about standing bodies of water rushing in through your window wells. This is specifically a coverage for the backup of your sewers and drain lines due to a sump pump failure or something similar. If you live in a flood zone, the best idea is always going to be purchasing a flood policy in addition to the water backup endorsement.

Have more questions about water backup? Give our personal lines team a call at (708) 752-8206 or send an email to and we’ll be happy to help you.



Making Halloween festive without breaking the bank

(ARA) - No longer is Halloween just a night for kids to trick-or-treat. In recent years the holiday has skyrocketed to become one of the most celebrated times of the year.


In fact, nearly two-thirds of adults have dressed up every year for the past two to three years, and more than half of adults plan on decorating their homes this year, according to a recent survey released by Savers, Inc., a global thrift retailer with Savers and Value Village stores across the country.


"Halloween is a welcome escape for so many people," says Mary Ginnaty, senior buyer at Savers, Inc. "It's a holiday where you can take a break from everyday worries, alter your ego and just have fun celebrating with friends and family. Folks love that."


But with the turbulent economy remaining top of mind, some Halloween shoppers may be worried about how to create new costumes and decorations without spending a fortune in the process. There's no need to fear, though - just consider these tips for a festive All Hallows' Eve that won't leave your credit card haunting you:


* Set a budget - The first step of any shopping venture should be to set a budget that the whole family agrees on, and stick to it. Halloween is no different, so make sure you decide in advance how much you want to spend on costumes, decorations, candy and any other miscellaneous merriment.


* Mix new and used - One of the best ways to save money and create a completely original costume is to combine new and previously owned pieces. For instance, pairing a fancy little girl's dress and vintage jewelry with new accessories like a wig, tiara and wand makes for a completely customizable and unique princess look. You could also purchase a prepackaged costume, such as a vampire, and then punch it up with secondhand items like tuxedo pants, shiny dress shoes and white gloves to make the look even more authentic.


* Take the road less traveled - When shopping for a Halloween costume, visit a thrift store and be sure to browse every department - especially areas you don't typically shop. For instance, if you're looking to create a men's pirate costume, check the women's section for billowy and ruffled tops and loose-fitting pants. Many men may not realize the women's section offers completely different styles and textured materials, which could be perfect for a variety of costume ideas. Women, too, should check out the men's and boy's sections for things like vests and authentic uniforms.


* Consult the experts - If you're having trouble pulling together the exact look you're going for, search online and in magazines for inspiration. Some stores, like Savers and Value Village even offer trained costume consultants who are completely dedicated to helping people put together the perfect costume on any budget. They can help shoppers find a new ready-made costume, offer advice in mixing themed accessories with clothing items found in their closets, or find unique secondhand finds for those looking to create a completely handmade look.


* Do-it-yourself decor - When shopping for decorations, don't feel like you need to pay top dollar for standard store-bought goods. Crafting spooky Halloween decor for just a few bucks can be as simple as applying a layer of black spray paint to secondhand silk flowers or quirky ceramic knick-knacks, like owls, crows and cats, and sprinkling them around your "haunted house" for a creepy surprise.


* Pass a good value on - After Halloween has come and gone, don't forget to donate your costume at a Community Donation Center. You'll help benefit a nonprofit in your community, and give someone else a great Halloween look next year.


For more Halloween costume ideas and downloadable DIY project instructions, visit



October Recipes

Fall is the time for cozy fires in the fireplace, getting wrapped up in a good book, planting mums, Sunday football and the return of all the television shows we have been dying to catch up on! Here are some quick and easy recipes to enjoy throughout the season!

An Everyday Delicious Sloppy Joe

Bacon Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

Black Bean and Some Rice Chili

Sunday Funday Beer Cheese Soup